Great for energy boost

Down To Earth emphasizes the usage of pure raw botanical herbs and spices to purify the over-actives and then heal and nourish the under-actives, creating a balance throughout the entire network system in the body. This garden package starts with a full body exfoliation using a concoction of pure botanical oil, raw herbs and salt.

A purifying and relaxing Green Clay Herbal Wrap follows, which unclogs the skin, purifies the body from outside-in and heals any overactive oil glands that stresses the skin.

Last but not least, a invigorating Bamboo Retreat Massage is performed with bamboo sticks to further relax all tired muscles and aiding the blood system to flow better and promoting healthier intake of blood into the system.

Raw herb exfoliation

Green clay herbal wrap

Bamboo retreat massage


318.86 | Single
554.26 | Double