Staying true to Aramsa’s garden and holistic concept, a careful selection of key products was undertaken as an extension of the spa philosophy. Natural, botanical, herb based products were selected and weaved into the menu to create exclusive treatments and unique spa experiences with wholeness and balance in mind: Book your appointment now!

specialised therapy. for specific needs

Pre Natal

60mins 192.60
90mins 254.66

Pre-delivery massage targeted to release tension on the lower back and reduce water retention suitable for pregnancy after the fifth month.

Tui Na

90mins 211.86

Traditional Chinese massage using acupressure to stimulate meridian points.

Ancient Silicone Cupping Massage Therapy

90mins 233.26

full body

30mins 104.86

(per part : choose from back &
outer arms / full legs / tummy)

Modern fusion of East meets West cupping therapy incorporating principle of Cupping Techiques with deep tissues, Swedish and lymphatic drainage massage to reach ultimate healing in the shortest time.