Eu Yan Sang TCM Sessional Clinic in Aramsa Spa

In collaboration with Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic, Aramsa Spa is offering an array of pampering and customised Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments for its customers weaved into the menu to create fusion treatments and unique spa experiences with wholeness and balance in mind.

Available every Tuesday and Friday: 11AM – 8PM
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Facial Package

 105mins   |  $258 (w/GST)

A healthy, balanced body equals healthy, beautiful skin. Eu Yan Sang’s facial acupuncture will help you achieve both. From restoring radiance to boosting the immune system, facial and body acupuncture is a non-surgical treatment that goes beyond skin deep to treat underlying health problems.

Defy the hands of time with clinically proven anti-wrinkle, radiance and resurfacing Elemis facial for instant result. The successful combination of powerful natural ingredients, cutting-edge technology and proven clinical trials has enabled Elemis to bring you some of the most influential anti-ageing home care products and professional spa-therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

 TCM Consultation and Facial Acupuncture Treatment by registered
Eu Yan Sang TCM Physician
 Aramsa Spa’s Elemis Facial

Wellness Package

 105mins  |  $198 (w/GST)

Sub-health is an imbalance in the body that has not developed into an illness. Restore your body’s imbalances back to optimal
well-being with Eu Yan Sang wellness acupuncture treatment.

 TCM Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment by registered
Eu Yan Sang TCM Physician 
 Aramsa Touch Massage

Pain Management Package

 105mins  |   $228 (w/GST)
Eu Yan Sang’s acupuncture treatment clears blockages within the meridians and strengthens the flow of Qi and blood. It restores the healthy balance of Yin and Yang, hence alleviating pain. Coupled with Aramsa Spa’s invigorating deep tissue massage, the treatment seeks to refresh, stimulate and energise.
 TCM Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment by registered
Eu Yan Sang TCM Physician 
 Aramsa Spa’s Inner Respite Massage  


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