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Sincerity, Warmth and Hospitality are the traditional Asian values deeply rooted in our philosophy. Drawing from the therapeutic power of nature, we deliver an authentic experience that lifts up body and mind, the moment you enter our garden.

Our Vision

Creating nurturing wellbeing spaces, where the ritual of a spa treatment is fundamental and exclusive…we believe that beauty is an inner “experience”, a way of expression and giving value to our body.

Core Values

We are warm, approachable and giving. We offer a comforting touch which is genuine and sincere.


  • Eswari Gunasagar

    Eswari Gunasagar

    This place is a hidden gem in bishan! 😍 this garden spa is the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle! Had a 2 hour massage and scrub session... & it was heavenly 😍😍😍 super beautiful environment, peaceful ambience, convenient and way too relaxing! I give this 5 ⭐ s! This is exactly what every individual too involved in work need! 😍👍🏾



    • Stressful days only call for desperate getaway(s) or anything equivalent! Just when I thought I needed that time outta SG to unwind & relax, little did I know that I was able to get these goooodies right here, in SG!

      @aramsaspas, I’m already in love, right from the first session! THE GARDEN SPA, as its sub name already describes, Aramsa is THE outta-mall-and-outta-civilization (in a super fantastic way!) kind of setting that we actually truly NEED for massage / facial / scrub / wrap therapy! (Google Aramsa Spa & you’ll know what I mean!)

      How’s my 1st experience, you ask? Well, I fell asleep throughout my 2.5 hours of massage + facial that the therapist nicely told me, “You must be very tired, & your body is tired”, at the end of my session. 😂😂 I wouldn’t wanna know if I’d made funny sounds or little snores while I was at it. 😂😂 But hell yes, it was shiokawesome!

      So I’m sharing this secret place with all of you! And I’ll be sharing more about it soon once I sign up for its other so super tempting services like this current one I’m reading on the pamphlet:
      Tropical Java Lulur = Turmeric & Rice Exfoliation + Nourishing Yogurt Wrap + Aramsa Touch Massage + Outdoor Garden Bath.

      H E A V E N .
    Medicor Actress | Tv Presenter


    My morning well-spent w @aramsaspas 🌿🧖🏻‍♀️ The Garden Spa. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, this garden spa is a definite hidden gem in Bishan Park! Can’t believe I didn’t know about it till now.
    Whenever I get an opportunity for collaboration, the first person that I will turn to is my mummy. Surprisingly, she told me that, she and her group of ladies would frequent Aramsa Spa from time to time to unwind because of the quaint beautiful environment 🏞
    The business that I love and support are those that genuinely care for their customers. I do have extremely sensitive skin. Thankfully, the masseuse took time to advise me on which body oil is best suited for my skin. In addition, they went the extra mile telling me about the benefits of each type of body oil and if the smell pleasant to me. Thank you Aramsa Spa, I really appreciate that.
    One more thing that surprised me was that there were actually quite a handful of gentlemen visiting this spa on their own or with their wife/girlfriend. I guess we are all seeking for a getaway pampering ourselves! 😌
    Aramsa ~ The Garden Spa is the pioneer garden spa in Singapore that embodies a new lifestyle experience for Singapore’s seasoned spa goers to enjoy an exotic resort like spa ambiance in Singapore.
    Super good news for my readers! Weekday massage special at $88 (if you do frequent spa and facial centers, you’ll know that you’re getting a really good deal.) I am going to try the Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ in the garden with Yoga Seeds with @aramsaspas soon. I’ll come back with more to tell you. Pst, giveaways coming your way soon! 🌿🧖🏻‍♀️

    Blogger, Lifestyle and Beauty Influencer



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