Staying true to Aramsa’s garden and holistic concept, a careful selection of key products was undertaken as an extension of the spa philosophy. Natural, botanical, herb based products were selected and weaved into the menu to create exclusive treatments and unique spa experiences with wholeness and balance in mind: Book your appointment now!

Nothing a good massage can’t fix.

Legend:    Light pressure     Medium pressure      Hard pressure


Relaxing therapy. to calm, soothe and rest

Aramsa Touch

 60mins  148
 90mins  206

Aramsa’s signature massage, a fusion of eastern meridian and western classical massage techniques.

Swedish Recharge

 60mins  148
 90mins  206

Classical techniques designed to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins.

Aroma Rich

 60mins  180
 90mins  248

Customize and blend your essential oil with our in-house Aromatherapy Bar.
Pressure: Soft-Medium
Benefits: Relieve tension, balances body and mind


Invigorating therapy. to refresh, stimulate and energize

Inner Respite

 60mins  180
 90mins  248

Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissues.

Shiatsu Focus

 60mins  180
 90mins  248

Finger pressure massage applied to the meridian points to stimulate the body’s ‘ki’.


  • Eswari Gunasagar

    Eswari Gunasagar

    This place is a hidden gem in bishan! 😍 this garden spa is the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle! Had a 2 hour massage and scrub session... & it was heavenly 😍😍😍 super beautiful environment, peaceful ambience, convenient and way too relaxing! I give this 5 ⭐️ s! This is exactly what every individual too involved in work need! 😍👍🏾



    • Stressful days only call for desperate getaway(s) or anything equivalent! Just when I thought I needed that time outta SG to unwind & relax, little did I know that I was able to get these goooodies right here, in SG!

      @aramsaspas, I’m already in love, right from the first session! THE GARDEN SPA, as its sub name already describes, Aramsa is THE outta-mall-and-outta-civilization (in a super fantastic way!) kind of setting that we actually truly NEED for massage / facial / scrub / wrap therapy! (Google Aramsa Spa & you’ll know what I mean!)

      How’s my 1st experience, you ask? Well, I fell asleep throughout my 2.5 hours of massage + facial that the therapist nicely told me, “You must be very tired, & your body is tired”, at the end of my session. 😂😂 I wouldn’t wanna know if I’d made funny sounds or little snores while I was at it. 😂😂 But hell yes, it was shiokawesome!

      So I’m sharing this secret place with all of you! And I’ll be sharing more about it soon once I sign up for its other so super tempting services like this current one I’m reading on the pamphlet:
      Tropical Java Lulur = Turmeric & Rice Exfoliation + Nourishing Yogurt Wrap + Aramsa Touch Massage + Outdoor Garden Bath.

      H E A V E N .
    Medicor Actress | Tv Presenter


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